2010. 12. 18.

20 Minutes of Peace

History was made at the Ikarus Football Stadium in Budapest, Hungary, when the Beit Jala Lions from Palestine played a 20 minutes game of Rugby Sevens against the Israeli Beer Sheva Camels, within the framework of the international tournament Rugby for Peace.

The teams travelled to Hungary to participate in the European Union-funded and supported project Global Education through Sport, organised by Anthropolis Association, taking place in Budapest from 11-18 October, which involved cultural and educational programmes as well as a two-day Sevens tournament with the participation of the Lions, the Camels, All Reds Roma from Italy, the rugby team of Budapest College of Management (AVF Mókusok) as well as a charity team representing British foundation Rugby for Change. (Read the full article here and watch Total Rugby's video on the tournament here.)

Palestinian rugby players playing poker at their hostel.

Israeli team Beer Sheva Camels at their morning training.

Palestinian player standing between his Israeli peers during a training session.

All Reds Roma captain Paulo Siquera at training.

Italian, Palestinian and Israeli players receive their briefing before leaving their hostel for the tournament.

Palestinian team members playing with the ball in an underground train before the tournament.

Italian All Reds Roma preparing for the tournament.

An Israeli player helps a teammate to fix his head protector before the first match.

Israeli rugby team Beer Sheva Camels preparing for their historical match with Palestinian Beit Jala Lions.

Italian captain Paulo Siqueira trying to find balance during their first match against Beer Sheva Camels.

Palestinian Jack Abu Farha breaking through the defense of All Reds Roma. Later he became the first Palestinian rugby player who scored against an Israeli team.

Landlocked players had some difficulties with flying Italians.

An Israeli rugby player of Beer Sheva Camels is lifted up in the the air for a throw-in against All Reds Roma.

The referee tosses a coin in the air before the Beer Sheva Camels - Beit Jala Lions match, the first rugby teams of their nations in history to play against one another.

Israeli and Palestinian rugby players awaiting their first ever scrum.

Palestinian captain George Anton Maria reaching an Israeli player during the first match of Beit Jala Lions and Beer Sheva Camels.

A Palestinian player receiving gratulation from the Israeli team after the historical match.

Palestinian trainer Nicola Stefan talking about the game with an iIsraeli player on a commuter train after the first day of the tournament.

Palestinian captain George Anton Maria asleep on a Budapest tram in an Israeli jersey after the tournament.

Rugby players enjoying a drinking game after the tournament in Budapest's Old Pilvax pub.

B. J. Lions captain George Anton Maria offers a cigarette to a homeless woman in downtown Budapest.

Israeli and Palestinian players exchanging break dance moves at the celebration party.

Cup winner All Reds captain Paulo Siqueira drinking his last coffee before leaving Budapest after the Peace Rugby Cup.


Anonymous petra said...

jujj de jok!
amikor olvastam az esemenyrol, ugy sajnaltam, hogy lemaradtam rola, pedign nagyon szivesen fotoztam volna oket! :)

december 18, 2010 5:35 du.  

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