2015. 06. 10.

Darwin's paradox

We are shooting a 4K nature documentary about the Suakin Archipelago in Sudan with underwater cinematographer Zsolt Sásdi and photographer Daniel Selmeczi. We meet fishes. A lot of fishes.

2015. 03. 24.

Fetal Crying

Filmed in the Hopeless Sump in Kossuth Cave, Northern Hungary.
Divers: Balázs Lerner & Lászlo Dani
Music: Frédéric Chopin
(c) Rational Geographic 2015.

2012. 12. 23.

How to flood a GoPro

And we still believe this homemade flatport for Hero2 is better than many other ports on the market.

2012. 11. 30.


2012. 10. 03.


2012. 07. 28.

The Wrecks of Stockholm

There are not too many capitals in the world where you can have a wreckdive in the city centre. Local divers in Stockholm say they have more wrecks in their waters than ships on the surface - and according to estimates every seventh citizen has a yacht or a boat. The most famous of all Stockholm wrecks is of course Vasa. The Swedish warship turned over and sank on her maiden voyage after sailing less than a mile in 1628. It was salvaged in 1961 and now can be admired in a museum. But the majority of Stockholm's wrecks are still under the waters of the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren.

    Sinister clouds looming over Stockholm harbours.

    The Vasa in her full glory on a historical painting.

    A diver working on the newly found wreck (reconstructed scene at Vasa Museum).

    Filip (as archeologists named him) died trying to turn the ship into the wind so that she could right herself. (He was around 30 but two of his front milk teeth remained in his lower jaw.)

    The once vivid stern of Vasa

    Divers preparing to visit a wreck in Alvik, Stockholm.

    Tore, a Danish wooden cargo ship sank 20 years ago in Lake Mälaren.

   Anna approaching the stern of Tore in nearly total darkness. The visibility in Lake Mälaren is not for the faint hearted.

    The superstructure of Tore had seen shinier days.

    A sponge living on Tore.

Anna from the wheelhouse.

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2012. 07. 04.

Solea solea

2012. 05. 31.

The spatial memory and the hippocampus

2012. 02. 18.

Ice diving

2012. 02. 12.


The Danube from the Chain Bridge, Budapest

2011. 12. 26.

Meanwhile in Weimar

On 23/12/2011 Hungarian police broke up a demonstration by green liberal opposition MPs who chained themselves together outside parliament to protest against what they believe is a demolition of democracy. You can read more on the story and the background here and here.

A government MP driving up to the Hungarian Parliament facing a wall of protestors asking "You are not gonna betray democracy, are you?"

MPs and activists of LMP ("Politics Can Be Different") blocking the entrance of the Parliament's parking lot. On their signs: "ENOUGH!".

Policemen looking on as Hungarian poet and LMP MP Endre Kukorelly is serving hot tea to fellow protestors. (Sorry guys, I couldn't bring myself to blur your faces here.)

Katalin Ertsey of LMP showing her MP pass to the police.

An activist looking at policeman.

5 policemen trying to take away a protester.

Virág Kaufer (LMP) standing still while policemen are cutting her chain.

LMP MPs Benedek Jávor and Virág Kaufer during their detainment.

Former Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsány being put into a police car.

MP Virág Kaufer looking at camera.

MP Benedek Jávor held by policemen.

MP Virág Kaufer looking at Hungarian Parliament from inside a police car.

Policeman looking at MP Virág Kaufer.